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You have a wonderful blog that you have started recently. But you are worried about the number of visits or traffic to your blog and almost quit blogging. Well, if you work hard and explore other successful bloggers you will know a lot on how to run your blog successfully with a good number of visitors.

I'm going to share how you can increase your traffic by commenting on others' blogs.

How many of you comment on other blogger's posts in your niche?

Do you know commenting on other blogs in your niche is one of the most important things for a blogger?

Following are the reasons why every blogger should comment on the blogs of his/her niche.

• The immediate benefit you will get is traffic to your blog. You might be following so many other things like link exchange, submitting your blog to blog directories etc to drive traffic to your site. But none of them will get you the 'quality' traffic. Commenting on the blogs of your niche will help you get the quality traffic.
• What makes you comment on other's blog? The obvious answer is their posts. So, you would obviously go through their posts before posting a comment. By going through different posts on different blogs, there is a great chance of you getting some good ideas for you to write a great post on your blog. Reading that many posts will also make you know how to write better and attracting posts.
• Post valid and good comments regularly. By dooing so, there are great chances of people getting interested to know you. Make friends with them. This helps your blog getting linked by them.
• If you keep commenting, you will also get more comments to your blog. Whatever you put out comes back to you. So, keep commenting.
• Search for new blogs in your niche once in a while and comment on them too. This helps you expose yourself to new people in your niche.
• Add value to the conversation with your comment.

But wait! This is not everything. There are a few other things to consider before you comment.

• Your comments should not be like "great post", "nice blog", "Thanks for the great post" etc. You'll be considered a comment spammer if you do so.
• Your comments should be related to the topic.
• Tell him what you like and why you like.
• Don't always put a link to your blog in your comment signature. Add the link back to your blog only if you feel it is relevant to the post.
• Don't add more comments on the same post. It can hurt you more than it helps.

Blogging is not just about what you want to say. What good does it make you, if you don't have visitors to read your blog. So, reach out to people, expose yourself to new friends, new ideas.
Have fun!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quick and Easy Ways to attract More Traffic to Your Site from YouTube

YouTube is one of the most common and biggest social networking websites online today. Millions of web surfers browse through the YouTube site monthly in search of videos that in their chosen niches. There are traffic generating potentials from YouTube but you may not be able to leverage this fact if you don't know the right steps to take and how to perform certain simple traffic-oriented tasks using your YouTube videos. If you had been reading how lots of other website owners had been getting loads of traffic from YouTube, it is time for you to join the successful train and start experiencing very meaningful traffic to your website from YouTube. The right step to take are outlined in this brief discuss.

What You Must Know In Order To Drive More Traffic to Your Site Via YouTube

It isn't rocket science to drive traffic from YouTube irrespective of the type of business you are doing. Saying this is important because some site owners may unnecessarily be intimated by the huge results of those that had been there before them. The skill you have or whatever qualification you may have wouldn't count if you fail to read and digest the following three important YouTube traffic tips.

1 - The first thing is to submit your videos to YouTube. Don't be deterred if you don't know how to create and upload any video at the moment because it doesn't take more a couple of minutes. Essentially you will need free 'Camstudio' which is readily available on the internet to create any prolific video to be shown on YouTube. If you are among those internet marketers that still find it difficult to join the social marketing 'war-fare'; you have to wake up today if you really want your online business to survive.

While using YouTube as a traffic-driving medium, you have to ensure you give your videos adequate titles. This is important because there are lots of marketers that make the mistake of titling their YouTube videos for the search engines. This may not yield the desired popularity for such video because the search engines are becoming smarter than they were few months back. The best option is to give your videos proper titles that will appeal to humans and be sure of its popularity once it starts getting shared and voluntarily linked to on the internet.

The basics concept of any video you upload online should be to either entertain or educate so you have to carefully make it worth your viewers' while. If you have some educational or informative tips to give, nothing prevents you from sitting in front of your computer and recording 2 or 3 minutes clean video of yourself talking. This is quite acceptable online and can go viral as long as you have useful or informative content in the video.

2 - You shouldn’t forget to include the link to your website or blog in any video you create and upload to the YouTube. This is very important especially if your sole aim of uploading such video is to drive traffic to your online or offline business. The time you spent on the video creation may have been wasted if you fail to provide link back to your site so that those that view your videos can click-in to your blog or site to see more of your offerings. It is common to believe that many viewers wouldn’t type in the URL in the YouTube videos but the truth is that many actually do.

You Can Create a Community of YouTube Video Viewers

3 - This is similar to asking potential clients to subscribe to your newsletter but in this case, they would be subscribing to your YouTube channel so that they will know when you post new videos. This can effectively bring repeated traffic to your site especially if you have very insightful videos on display. You can simply ask people to subscribe to your YouyTube video channel by mentioning it at the beginning and the end of your videos but be sure to make your videos are informative as possible.

10 Steps to Blogging Success

Anyone can start a blog, but not everyone knows what to do to make their blog successful. The goal of a good blog is to keep its readers happy and coming back to read more. To accomplish this there are certain things that have to be maintained.
Here is my definition of blogging success: A successful blog is one that is fun and enjoyable for its visitors. It shares entertaining and useful information that encourages its readers to share the information with others. The most successful of them all gets the readers to sign up for their newsletters, promotions, videos and products.  Question is how do you make this happen.
Here Are 10 Easy Steps to Blogging Success:
1.    Awesome Content: Awesome content is the ruler of all blogs. When you are able to supply your readers with unique and high quality content they become your number one fan. The most important thing about content is how relevant it is to what’s going on. So along with good content make sure the writing is something that is beneficial to the readers.
2.   Keep it Simple: Too much is as bad as not enough. It’s not wise to try and impress your readers with over the top language and grammar. If the reader can’t understand what it is you are trying to say then they won’t revisit you blog. Another element to keeping it simple is “just say what you have to say.” In other words get to the point, beating around the bush for the sake of word count will not attract readers.
3.   Be Interactive: Be available for your readers. Find an easy way for them to contact you should they need to, This can be done through a contact form , just remember to have it feed to an email that you check often. A timely response is very important.
4.    About: Who you are and what you are writing about is two question you have to answer. The most simple way to answer these questions is to have an about page. This page needs to be used to provide clear information about yourself and your blog. It allows your blog to take on a more personal feel and the people to get to know who they are dealing
5.   Appearance: The color of your site also makes a difference. It needs to be attractive yet calm enough to not run the readers away. This is best done with light colors or deeper colors like red, black, green and etc.
6.    Navigation: Your site should be easy to navigate. All your menu buttons should not only link to important pages but they must work. I am sure you can relate to the fact that it can be very frustrating to click on a link or button that doesn’t work.
7.  Advice: As the expert of your blog the readers are expecting you to recommend useful information and other sites. Just remember to only promote information you have either tried are no will be useful. A bad recommendation can counteract all your hard work and destroy your blogging success.  Another thing you can offer is tips on what things you have done that worked for you. It doesn’t have to be a product it can be how-to-advice.
8.    Give a Little: Another way to attract readers to your blog in offering them some kind of free product or promo. Some of examples of things you could offer is e-books, free advertising space, or a free subscription if you are offering a membership.  These are only few options; the main idea is “what’s in it for me.” To attract the attention of most people these days they have to see how the time spent doing something is going to benefit them.
9.    Use Social media: Make sure your blogs carry social media links so that people can easily share you and your information with other people. There are programs that allow you to do this all at once.
10. Advertising: Do allow your blog to be bogged down with a lot of advisements. Now I do recognize the whole purpose of a blog is to get some financial gain so you need to have some ads. Just remember to do this in a way that won’t turn readers off
There are other things that can be done to boost your blogging success. If you are unsure if you are on the right track, then I suggest you do the research and find out what other successful bloggers are doing. Download the “The Ultimate Blog Profit Model” for great information on how you can do better..  After doing the research decide what you want to write about and go from there. Remember that a successful blog is not built over night it takes a little time to build the trust of your readers.
Tip 11: Not Really a Tip but More a Suggestion
The worst thing you can do is neglect your blog. If you do not have the time to invest into the content and keeping regular post on your blog either outsource the content or wait till you have the time.
The Best Tip of All:
Think of what you would want to read about if you were a reader. Each time you write or offer something think of the reader and how they will find benefit from it. If the writing or offer doesn’t sound appealing to you it won’t be appealing to them.
All of the tips above are the foundation to a successful blog. As you become the expert blogger you will find that there are several other things that have made your blog a success.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

How To Generate Traffic To Your Website Via Article Marketing in Less Than 30 Minutes

It's been a while, Here's a simple article by someone i respect Florence Sonata. Enjoy!!!

Wondering how to generate traffic to your website? Now, article marketing is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Besides being able to generate traffic to your website for free, writing article can portray you as an expert in the market. The inbound links that you put in the article to direct the readers to your website will help your website's ranking in search engines.

So, how to generate traffic to your website by writing articles?

For those of you who are not familiar with article marketing, these are the 5 easy steps to get you started.

Step १:
Decide a topic for your article based on the niche market that you are promoting

Step २:
Research materials for your articles on the internet. You will be surprise how much free information and material you can find on the internet which can serve as a very good source for your articles. Normally, i take not more than 10 minutes to get sufficient material for my article.

Step ३:
Start writing the article. With sufficient research, it normally doesn't take me more than 10 minutes to come out with the first draft of my article. The tips is write first, edit later. Do not think too long or too hard to start writing. Just do it! Else, how to generate traffic to your website if you do not start writing, but spend time thinking what and how to write. Anyhow, if you are not good or have no time to write, you can always pay someone to write the articles for you.

Step ४:
Add a short biography at the end of your article (normally known as "resource box"). Remember to include a link in the biography/resource box to direct the readers back to your website, and promoting yourself products and services offered by your website. This is a must-have to generate traffic to your website.

Step ५:
Submit your article on directories, newsletters etc. The main objective is to get free exposure and thus free traffic to websites via the article.

The above shows you how to generate traffic to your website by article marketing in less than 30 minutes via 5 simple steps। If you have not written any article before, apply the above simple steps and "vroom", there you go! Your first article is ready and will start getting traffic for your website!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Five Tips to Run a Home Business Successfully

It can be difficult to build home business if you are not serious about it and you want to become rich overnight. There are many hurdles that can only be faced by the serious entrepreneurs. You need to know that there is no short cut in there and you need the patience and smart thinking to generate income. It will take a while, but you will certainly succeed in it. Giving up is the last thing you can do. So the five things that you need are determination, patience, smart thinking, hard work and consistency. When you have the right ingredients you will eventually own a successful business.

There are also few pitfalls that you need to watch for. If you have the above mentioned five qualities that are needed for a successful business, you will then only need to avoid these pitfalls and the success will be there waiting for you. These pitfalls are as follows:

1. You should not wait for someone to come to you and teach you step by step how to start the business. All you need is an opportunity and you should grab it. There are plenty of opportunities so all you need is action. Take action, start your business immediately and you will learn with time. Remember that time and experiences are the best teachers. If you can find someone on the way to help you or guide you, there is no harm in listening to him though.

2. Finding the right niche is very important. You need to find a niche which is not that active. That means that there is no serious competition in that niche. If you select a niche which has tense competition in it, it would become difficult for you to grow from scrap. Remember that there are always unexplored arenas and all you need is to find one of them.

3. Don’t be the routine package. Be different and offer something unique to your customers. Being a routine package won’t help you much.

4. Remember that those who are afraid of risks never succeed. You should not fear the failure and should be prepared to meet it bravely. Learn from your mistakes and be critical of yourself. This will help you to learn a lot and you will learn quickly.

5. Take it to the end. Never give in. when you start a project, then finish it. Being afraid and giving it up is not what you want. Finishing a project will help you a lot in future even if the project is a failure. There may be situations when you will lose faith in your own dreams and you will start thinking about other ventures, but do not quit the on going project. Take it to its ration end.

Friday, June 19, 2009

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website on a Low Budget

When people have their money making website ready and launched on the Internet, they need to drive traffic to their website in order to generate income. But, in most cases, people find that it is too expensive to use the powerful website promotion and advertising methods like PPC advertising, banner advertising and paid blog review.

You actually have numerous choices when it comes to marketing a website for generating traffic. This article will provide you some of the low cost ways you can use to generate traffic for your website.

Give Away Free Content
Create a free report or e-book. Write a compelling title for your report or e-book and also you should provide some quality info and content in your report or e-book. Then distribute it on the Internet. You can post the link to download your report on the related forums, publish a free press release on several free news sites to let people know about your free report, post it on social bookmarketing sites, use article marketing and etc. All these Internet marketing efforts will drive visitors to your website and download your report. Those who have read your report and found that it is interesting and useful will share with their friends and their visitors if they own a website or blog.

Create a Blog
New and fresh content can easily attract traffic, so you may consider Blogging. Set up a blog with the purpose of building traffic for your website. You can begin by posting content that will entertain your blog readers. Any info that will entertain and draw the interest of your targeted readers should be posted on your blog. Do these often will help you build a reader based for your blog. To send your readers to visit your website, you may include your website link on the sidebar of your blog. Occasionally, blog about your website, tell them your website have good info or good offers they don’t want to miss and more of your readers will start visiting your website.

Article Marketing
Publishing articles on article directories is really a good choice for driving long term free traffic to your website. Write at least one article every day and submit it for publication on,, and could possibly build a consistent stream of free targeted traffic for your website. The key to effective article marketing is to write articles that are interesting but don't tell the whole story. Make the readers feel or know that, if they want more info, they will need to check out your website by clicking your website link in your author bio.

Become a Guess Blogger
There are a lot of blogs looking for guess blogger. Just take some time to visit blogs that are related to your website, and you may find that a number of guess blogging opportunities. The bloggers usually request unique and useful posts; and give one to two live links back to the writer’s website. If you publish your posts on these blogs, your posts will be displayed on the top and read by many of their readers.

Set up Your Own Forum
Start a forum on your website. Encourage your visitors to join your forum and participate in discussions. This proved to be a way to increase returned visitors. Or if you offering a product or service, a forum can set up to help your potential and existing customers. With a forum, you will be able to help your customers effectively and also build up a good image. People will keep on come back not just searching for help; they will also browse on other topics in your forum and start their discussion.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Preparing Yourself for an Online Business Before You Quit Your Day Job

Tons of people daydream about resigning from their jobs so they can put up a home-based business and begin earning money online. While some quickly act to make their dreams come true, others are simply too afraid to risk losing a stable income. If you are among those who hope to make the transition from being a mere employee to being a flourishing web entrepreneur, you should know that there are a number of factors that will contribute to the success of your future online business. And, unless you are ready to provide all those factors, it might be wise to keep your day job in the meantime.

Among the most important factors that will contribute to the success of your online business is your dedication as a web entrepreneur. It will not enough for you to treat your online business as a hobby or as a means to earn extra income. If you want to quit your day job and make a living out of your online business, you need to be ready to dedicate yourself to it and focus all your time and effort on running it. You will also need to spend enough time learning everything you can to help you run your online business properly. Ideally, before you quit your day job, you would have already planned out your online business and have taken steps to learn everything about the niche you want to penetrate, the target market you want to focus on, and the most effective internet marketing strategies.

Another very important factor is your network. To really succeed in making money online, you need to have a network of like-minded entrepreneurs. You also need to establish your online reputation within the niche you want to penetrate. If this is something you haven't done, you should keep your day job in the mean time but start being active in relevant online communities. Begin to establish your online reputation now so that there will already be people who will patronize you as soon as you launch your online business.

Also, a lucrative online business venture entails providing exceptional customer service. No matter what your online business involves, you need to understand that you must go out of your way to take care of and please your customers. Keep in mind that it is always more costly to acquire new customers than it is to keep them. One of your tasks in taking care of your customers would be to communicate with them as regularly as possible. You will also need to reply to their queries at the soonest possible time. If you aren't available to address them when they need you, they can easily lose interest in your business. This is also among the most important reasons why people who truly want to be successful in making money online should not treat their online business as a sideline.

Before you quit your day job, you need to be sure that you have everything it takes to start and maintain a successful online business. Once you have the pre-requisites of a lucrative online business, your transition from a mere employee to a successful web entrepreneur won't be so difficult.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tips for Avoiding Your AdSense Account Getting Banned by Google

I have seen quite a lot of AdSense publishers posted in different forums stating that their AdSense accounts were banned by Google due to fraudulent clicks. Most of these people claim that they are innocent and have never clicked on their on AdSense ads. So they have no idea why click fraud can occur on their AdSense accounts. The truth is click fraud can happen in several ways and not necessarily caused by the AdSense publisher himself/herself who accidentally clicked on his/her own AdSense.

Below are some of the tips to protect your AdSense account:

1) Do not use autosurf programs to promote your websites that contain AdSense. Autosurf programs can substantially increase your website traffic or hits, AdSense page view and ecpm but people who surf your site only to earn advertising credit or other type of incentives. So the traffic generated from autosurf programs aren't counted as real and thus against AdSense policies.

2) If possible, do not involve in any traffic exchange networks and programs. If you have join one or more programs or networks that can make you a steady AdSense commission, you should start worry about your AdSense account as this could mean that members of the program(s) were clicking each other AdSense ads all the while whether intentionally or unintentionally. As soon as Google detected a group of people were clicking each other AdSense, many of the members AdSense account in the program will be suspended. Also traffic exchange can be another mean to artificially generate tons of unreal website traffic or hits and boost up AdSense page view & ecpm and it is strictly prohibited by Google .

3) Do not join AdSense exchange networks. They are similar to traffic exchange programs except members are participate just for clicking each other AdSense. This should be a guaranteed way to be banned by Google.

4) Read all the Google AdSense policies at to see whether you have against any policies and make the necessary modification.

Four Essentials to Succeed as a Home-Based Entrepreneur

Anyone can try to make money at home but not everyone can do it successfully. Here are four essential things you must keep in mind to have what it takes to be a successful home-based entrepreneur:

1) Self-Confidence

Have faith in yourself and believe that you can accomplish whatever you want. Start with thinking positively and be optimistic about what you are doing and the challenges that you face. If you yourself do not believe in what you are doing, no one will trust in your online business. The key to self-confidence is first knowing the ins and outs of your field. Be sure to research and understand what you are getting into before you start. Your knowledge will be the foundation of your self-confidence.

2) Passion

Be passionate with your work. What you do doesn't exactly matter. What matters is that you appreciate it and like it enough to motivate you and keep you going. Your passion will not only allow you to be the best you can be. It will also attract others to take notice and patronize your online business.

3) Discipline
Working at home does not mean you can just relax and take it easy. It does, however, has its perks. There's no harm in sparing lots of time for recreation. You just have to be sure that you manage your time well and finish whatever it is you have to do. With discipline, you can run a home-based business successfully without compromising your work-life balance.

4) Persistence

All home-based businesses go through some sort of failure, whether minor or serious. Keep in mind that the failures that you will face are unimportant. What's important is how you deal with them, learn from them, and rise from them. Each time you fail, you learn more. So charge everything to experience and avoid the same mistakes until you make your dreams a reality.

With these four key traits, you and your pursuit for a successful home-based business will be indestructible.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Four Reasons to Earn Money Using the Internet Now

Statistics show that everyday transactions are now being made online, not to mention buying as well as selling products, goods and services. This is how huge e-commerce has become today and this is something that you can use to your advantage.

Here are more reasons why you should use the web to earn money:

1) Easy and Effective Customer Service

It has been said that customers are always right. However, if the person on the other side of the table thinks otherwise, this could start a big feud. That is the trouble with face-to-face customer service. Phone-based customer service is also upsetting for customers who always end up hearing that busy tone and they'll spend so much time waiting just to talk to a service personnel. This could easily fuel their disappointment towards your business. Using the internet for customer service is easier and faster and you can do it just by using electronic mail.

2) Automated Workflow

There are a number of tasks you can automate using your computer as well as your internet connection. This means that your online business can function on a 24/7 time frame. With the power of e-commerce, payments and transactions can be made even when you are in a state of deep slumber. Many different automated systems can do different tasks for you so you can make money even while you sleep.

3) International Marketplace

The world is your market so you will not be restricted to the area where you reside. If you set up an online store, you can be visited by anyone from anywhere in the world. Advertising can also be done through online platforms so you will have an unlimited customer base. This also means that you can generate sales no matter what time of the day it is as one side of the world is awake while the other side sleeps.

4) Minimal Capitalization

Having an online business means allowing to you start making money even with very little capital to start with. Much of what you need to set up an online business is free or cost-effective. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you have the ability to make money online.

With all these benefits, you will surely find money making online a breeze.

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