Sunday, September 2, 2007


Welcome to this post, as you already know, i'm Bodunde Olusola an internet marketer and an expertise in affiliate marketing. I'm here to introduce to you this unique and different service of blog customization.

  • Are you tired of the low class template given to you by google?
  • Do you want every part of your blog to be filled with articles, adsense, ppc's, links, downloads, videos and make your blog more interactive?
  • Do you want adsense in between posts, above or below your articles?
  • Have you ever thought of customizing your blog to a profesional taste and class?
  • Do you want your blog to look like a fully functional profesional website?
  • Do you want the blog navigation bar out of your blog?
  • Do you know that with a superb customized blog you will make more money from ppc's and affiliate marketing?

    There are about 58 million websites online, and about 237 million blogs worldwide, you might ask why blogs are so numerous than websites. The reason is this, blogs are search engine friendly meaning that they get indexed faster than websites, you can easily update a blog than a website, giving you an upper hand over websites. With a little effort in the area of traffic you will be ranked no 1 in no time in your area of interest or niche.
    Why customization
  • Customization gives your blog a profesional look and worldclass taste.
  • Customization helps you to maximise to the fullest your blogs potentiality.
  • Your links and codes will properly fit in with a customized template.
  • With these customization, you will have adsense inbetween, above or below your posts.
  • You will be taking your blog to the next level with these customization.
  • You will have your visitors glued to your blog.
  • You will easily get a social bookmarking in the bookmarking places on the web because your blog will clearly stand out.
  • You dont have to repost, it will be shown automatically. Everything including your Banner headline and banner rider. What you need is just a basic knowlege of html, this will be explained step by step in the manual
                These are some of the available templates

    There are things that have to be known and done before you commence your the customization of your blogs, these things are very vital to customization. These are what you will know as soon as you subscribe to any of the template service.
    There are three categories of service available.
  • Get code only + How to..........Manual == # 3,900

  • Get code + Ad sense arrangement + How to..........Manual == # 5,800

  • Learn how to design, get code, arrange + How to.........Manual== # 13,500
    Members of sdlc and igold will have a #500 Discount
    Service 1: Tag and pin software for blogs + 15 ebooks with MRR.
    Service 2: Tag and pin software for blogs + 30 ebooks with MRR +10 PLR articles.
    Service 3: Tag and pin software for blogs + 45 ebooks with MRR + 20 PLR articles + Bloging2thebank 2.0.

    These bonuses are available only for the first 20 people to order.
    To get any of the highlighted service, all you need do is Pay in the required amount into the following account information below.
    Bank name: United Bank for Africa Bank name: Diamond Bank Plc
     Account name: Bodunde Olusola Ayodele + Account name: Bodunde Olusola
     Account number:03740680044853 Account number:080 111 00 11 032 
     Amount to be paid: You decide Amount to be paid: You decide

    As soon as payment is made, send an email to or Send (SMS only to 08083047012) or call 08023060824 with the template number you want and the category of service prefered, with Name and Phone number. As soon as payment is confirmed your order will be delivered in less than 24 hours.
    General bonus: Blog promotional techniques and an anonymous bonus
     Give your blog the treat by repackaging and branding it profesionally
    Remember: Thousands of potential people will be viewing this post, so take advantage and act fast.

    Alan Smith said...

    That is a very nice idea, the templates are wonderful. i would love to have your payment procedures since i am not nigerian.

    Bimpe Ayodele said...

    I love your blog template, its fantastic. I will advice you get it hosted on your domain. its only then that it will look really profesional.