Monday, August 20, 2007

The Affiliate Programme that will earn you immensely in your affiliate and blogspot campaign

Welcome to this post
I am Bodunde Olusola, an internet enterpreneur by profession as you have known, i specialise in lending out helps in areas of internet marketing especially in Affiliate marketing and profesional blogging. I can boldly say that i am a success with satisfied subscribers from all over the country.

The best way to make money online as stated by chris mcneenee and i quote "ppc is the best way to make money online even as a newbie" You might ask, what is ppc? Well ppc is simply pay per click, and this is a method or technique of either promoting and making money per click from your site or domain or from your blogs. Some of the programs that pays you for clicks redirected to them from your site are Google adsense, adbright, bidvertisers e.t.c but the clicks that they direct back to your site or products are charged for,and the programs that offer this includes Google adword, yahoo publisher E.T.C
Inadvertently the best way to make money is through affiliate marketing because its noly through affiliate marketing that you maximise the use of ppc's including blogs to make you tons of money on a weekly or monthly basis. By now i think you would have heard that word AFFILIATE MARKETING, about 78% of nigerians online are into this lucrative business but only about 8% of them make real money, i mean above $1000. Last month (JULY) i cleared $2734.70 into my account for affiliate marketing while i cleared $843.21 which is the revenue i generated from adsense. Surprised, the only trick i use to make so much is information (Valuable Information).

I am quite aware that some of you would have signed up for various sessions online just to learn how to make money online, maybe in the process some of you have been swindled or frauded, perhaps some of your so called coaches promised heaven and earth but what they gave to you has been outdated or doesnt work. Some might even go ahead to give you jargons and outdated ebooks that were gotten for free from junk sites, but tell me,can the free ebooks be compared to real information books? NO!
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This package will deliver what will make you succeed,
This is no gimmick, it is guaranteed that you can get started the second day and make at least $1500 monthly as a newbie, so the more skills you have aquired before now about Affiliate marketing is an added advantage to you because you will be able to start earlier than the newbie.
These are the ebooks that will help you out during and after the session.

Project black mask authoured by the duo of Ken Mcnaughty and Chris Mcneenee which was Released on the 19th june 2007 barely 2 weeks ago, which costed me $97 check out the sales page here

Adwords miracle written by Chris mcneenee $97 here

Affiliate project X , this ebook was released earlier this year and it broke the clickbank record selling 10,000 copies on the day of release, the price is $97 check it out here

Blogging to the bank authoured by Rob Benwell released very late last year cost $27 check it out here

2006 and 2007 Version of google adword by Perry marshall worth $197

Joel comms adsense secrets worth $27

Jeremy palmers High Performance Affiliate Marketing ebook worth about $49.95 check it here

A profesional article submitter and a tag and pin blog submitter pro.

You dont have to worry about how to start or how to go about it at all...I have done all the hard work for you and i promise you that within hours of kicking off this business you can start making money within two days.
you will be working just for 30 minutes daily or 7 hours weekly.
You wont have any competition because i will be teaching you with the techniques which i used and still use to overcome competitors and get good money in the process.
you will not need to invest another dime!
you will run this business yourself as you wish.

These are the testimonies of those who graced the last session. Enjoy!!!
Gd day sir,
I am sending this mail to appreciate what your lectures has done to my life, i spent time to study the informations you shared and i applied them as you always advice, and by his grace i am expecting a cheque of $630 by the end of this month. Thanks alot.
You are simply amazing, your bonuses alone are enough to make me all the money i might require for each month. What about the main information, they are mind blowing. Keep the good works going.

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This is a very crazy offer and only an unserious person would not realise this, imagine all this, just to teach you how to maximise your earnings through affiliate marketing and blogspot. How much? you might ask yourself, remember, all this are just to empower you so the price will not make you sell your property.
It is just the payment of #6,500 that will give you an access to all what i have mentioned above.
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Apart from this secret that i am revealing to you i have also decided to give bonuses worth about $876.I am going to give you the following free
An offline browser, often called browse for free software.
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Best regards
Bodunde Olusola
C.E.O Soladollar