Friday, September 19, 2008

Tips for Using Banner Ads to Generate Traffic and Income

Banner advertising is one of the methods that you might want to use for promoting your business website or blog. It will cost you a fair amount of money to use banner ads, but if you advertise your banner ads on the right sites and blogs, they can provide you a fairly good return.

To start a banner ad campaign, you first need to design a banner ad. It is OK if you don’t know how to design a banner as there are many of graphic designers on the Internet ready to help you. For a small fee, you can ask a graphic designer to create a nice looking banner ad for you.

Even though you are not the one that will create the banner, you do need to know clearly what types of banners are excellent for generate traffic so that you know how to request the designer to create a successful banner ad for you.

There are several things to keep in mind when putting up a successful banner ad.

The main purpose of your banner ad is to draw the attention of the visitors long enough to entice them to click on the ad to look for your offer or website so that you can generate income. Thus, you must be careful about how you put together the banner.

A big mistake that people often fall into is that they are putting too much info into the very small space of their banner ad. It is not necessary to include good description, company name and logo into the ad.

The most important thing you want to do is write a short or sweet slogan that acts as the ideal teaser. You are going to need to use only a few appealing words to grab the attention of people. Using the right words is more important than correct grammar. If you find that three words will create a powerful slogan or phrase that can catch a lot of attention, then go for it.

For logo and company inclusion into your banner, they are only helpful if your company or business already have good reputation and popular.

The color and fonts also play an important role. When you banner ad show up on the publishers sites and blogs that you are advertising with, you will want your banner stand out from the other banners appearing next to yours. You have very little time to impress the visitors. So, you may consider using bright colors with a contrasting color for the fonts. This will give you a good chance of making good impression.

Once your banner ad is ready, it is time to search for the sites and blogs that you can place your banner ad on. In these couple of years, banner ads are widely sold in blogs. So, you should start advertising your banner ad on blogs that are related to your products or business. Most of the blogs will have an advertising page stating the pricing and traffic stat.

Look for those blogs that gain a good of amount of unique visitors (at least 400 daily). Then send an email to each of these bloggers to ask about the potential average visitors their blog can send to you. Choose those that can send 1% or more of their daily traffic to you.


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