Sunday, October 5, 2008

Earning AdSense Revenue: How Many Websites to Build? - Part 1

Google AdSense is really a great money making program for webmasters. Before the existence of AdSense program. Making money online used to be very difficult. You will need to have a high quality product, possess advanced Internet marketing skills and be willing to invest a sum of money for setting up professional sale website and launching advertising different campaigns. You either make big money because of you product is selling well or make little that not even enough for covering your cost if the product doesn't sell.

The launched of Google AdSense changed everything. People have more choices when thinking about making money online. They no longer have to sell products on the Internet in order to earn income online. With Google AdSense program, they can become an AdSense publisher and earn ad revenue by displaying AdSense ads on their content-based website.

The Basic of Google AdSense
The concept is pretty simple. You put up a website with good content, insert your AdSense ads into your content site, and then drive targeted traffic to your website. Part of your visitors who finish reading your content will read your AdSense ad and click on it. For each ad click, you usually earn anywhere between $0.10 to $$0.60 depends on the niche of your site. Those publishers who gain large traffic have earned thousands or even ten thousands dollar of AdSense revenue.

Some publishers use one or two websites to make money with AdSense, some have their own networks containing a lot of websites displaying AdSense ads which make them lucrative AdSense revenue.

Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Many Websites
As an individual publisher, it is always best to focus on using only one or two websites for AdSense program. While building a network of websites such as building fifteen content websites in different niches seem to be a great idea to earn money with AdSense. The idea assumes that you can generate $3 to $5 AdSense revenue from each site daily making a daily total of $45 to $75 AdSense income if you own fifteen website. But, practically it is very hard to succeed this way.

To make AdSense works for you, each of your sites must have quality unique content. With 15 sites, it is not possible to create unique and good content for each site by you alone. Getting help from the professional writers seems to be a good solution. But those who can write quality content are often expensive to hire. You will have a lot of writer fee to pay before you earn a single dime from AdSense.

Another problem with this idea is the website-promotion part. To make each of the websites earns AdSense income; you must be able to drive a reasonable amount of targeted traffic to each site every day. With so many content sites you maintained, you will never have enough time and energy to generate consistent traffic to your all the sites. As you aren't staying focus, you could get tire and bored easily which end up none of the sites generate revenue for you.

The publishers who really make a big money with a network of websites are those who are serious about web publishing. They have a group of experts to help him/her to create unique quality content, handle web design and do AdSense optimization with sufficient financial resources to back their plan.


Felix Makmur said...

Thanks for sharing this great informations on maximizing the adsense earnings. Will try out some of your tips here to increase my adsense income.

edundayo said...

That was straight to the point, it's one of the greatest misconception about adsense; that you have to run so many sites to make big money from adsense. At the end of the day, it ends up like the old saying "Jack of all trade master of none" in the case "Jack of all websites best of none". It's through "Outsourcing" that this can be achieved but too bad, not many people know to do outsourcing at the profitable level.