Monday, May 18, 2009

Five Effective Tips for Pay-Per-Click Advertising Success

When hoping to generate lots of targeted traffic through pay-per-click advertising programs such as Google Adwords, there are things you need to do when developing your ads. Following the five tips below will help you maintain a per-per-click advertising campaign that will bring in profits.

1) Keep Your Ads Short

Make sure your ads are short, simple, and straight to the point as it is important to let its readers know what it is about right away. This will allow you to ensure that those who click on your ads are really those who are interested in your products or services and not just curious about what you are offering.

2) Make Use of Your Keywords

Paying to appear in results for certain keywords is not enough. You should use those keywords in your ad's copy so that you can attract more attention. Keep in mind that when you use those keywords in your copy, they will appear in bold when published.

3) Appeal to Emotion

Don't just mention what you have to offer. By describing them with emotive words, you get to strike readers' emotions and make them more interested in your offerings. For example, use "A remarkable tool to make astonishing amounts of money online fast" rather than "A tool to make money online."

4) Capture Attention with Your URL

Your URL will be part of your ad whether you want it to or not. Make good use of it by capitalizing the first letter of each word. This will help you get better click-through rates as well. For example, "" would capture more attention than ""

5) Prompt Readers to Take Action

Make sure that your ads contain a call-to-action statement as this will tell readers what to do. For example, you may want to include statements such as "Click here now" or "Sign up here today."

By keeping the tips above in mind when developing your ads, you can be sure to maximize your click-through rates and generate as much profit as you can from the traffic that you gain through pay-per-click advertising.