Wednesday, May 13, 2009

स्लाप गूगल TO THE टॉप POSITION

Well, I am not going to tell you that I am guru or something like that who has always dominated top position of google for any keywords. BUT I HAVE DOMINATED GOOGLE FOR ALL THE KEYWORDS I WISHED TOO AND WITHIN RECORD TIME!

So , if you care to listen me - it will be really nice to you and satisfaction for my typing labor.

I will post my SEO strategies accordingly in several posts.

So, you want a top position in Google Right? When I say Top, it is always within top 5, because from my experience I’ve got it that only top 5 websites in organic listing attract all targeted and majority of the traffic.

What you can do with a top position in Google for your website?

-- Lots of adsense clicks.
--lots of subscribers to your autoresponder account.
--lots of affiliate sales.

Since I am mainly into affiliate marketing I'll emphasis on SEO related to affiliate products only. However same SEO strategies can be applied to any website for organic listing improvement.

Chapter-1: Finding Keywords.

First example- If you are going to market a product which is going to be launched very soon [Digital products offers from , please be careful while picking up product, every product and every marketer is not good. Picking up bad product can damage your reputation], then you have to choose these keywords as your primary keywords—

‘Product name’
‘Product name review’
‘Buy product name’
‘Product name bonus’

For example, in case of Google Payload, I picked up-

‘Google payload’
‘Google payload bonus’
‘Google Payload review’
‘Buy Google Pyaload ‘

Example-2: If you are choosing other niches or other already existing affiliate program.

Then you have to use keyword tool, to find related keywords for the niches.
Some keywords tool-


These tools will give you keywords related to your niche. Please note that keywords consisting above 3 words are considered good and targeted , in fact more words your keyword phase have , better it is. For example , for online parenting keywords like ‘know what your children do online’ conversion ratio [traffic/sales] is great and look the keyword has 5 words in it and there are some affiliate program for online parenting software which you can market with this keyword.

So, be selective and targeted while picking up keywords, broad keywords are bad, narrow AKA long tail keywords are great.