Monday, May 18, 2009

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Chapter-2: Writing articles:

Yes, writing articles is one of the key points to grab top position in Google. If you write articles on any topic, sooner or later it will bring traffics to your site. Google is in great love with quality and unique articles. All articles site like en.wikipedia , ezinearticles etc sites are in top position of google for almost all keywords out there.

Now, what to write in an article and how to write:

You have two options while writing articles – write your self or outsource it. There are many guys and girls who will write an article for $3 /article.

If you want to write yourself:

Go to
Type your keyword in search box of the site.
Many articles of your topic will shown up.
Browse some articles and try to understand what to write, how to write.
Copy some quality articles to a notepad file and make another article picking up related paragraphs of those articles.
Add your one to two line at first and bottom of each article.
Save the article.

This is for if you don’t know about the topic you want to write an article.

And if you know about the topic on which you want to write an article , then follow these format-

Article title- You must use your keyword, in your title like I used – Google payload, What Is the Insider Story; look I have used my keyword Google Payload here cleverly.

Article’s first paragraph: Write what you are going to say in the article concisely. Your keyword should appear in this paragraph at most 3 times and at least once.

Next two paragraphs: Expand what you have said in the first paragraph. Using your keyword is good, but not very necessary.

Closing paragraph: Summarize what you have said in the article , using your keyword in this paragraph is very necessary.

So, in this way you can write out quality and unique articles very easily and within 10 minutes.

Now, how much articles you need? I’ll say minimum 15 , more is better. A 40 articles site is best for Google ranking.

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Here is a quick tip if you can write article-

First thing you should note that to earn a relatively good amount of money [say $40 to $50/day] through selling your writing online, you should have good knowledge of english grammar, vocabulary and spelling. [Not bad english like me, english is not my mother language] It is better if you are from USA.

Now i'll explain about some websites which pay you for writing for them.

First, . You can earn $3 to $10 for every article considering its quality and topic of the article. The payment is to your paypal account. You can write as much as you want. Articles should be about good quality and should have about 400 words at least. Topic usually differs from lifestyles like movie , music , gadgets , fashion , cuisine , travel , historical spots etc..and financial issues like credit card , credit score , credit report , bankruptcy ,banking , saving , insurance , stocks and mutual funds etc etc...

Second, warrior Special Offer Forum If you can write some body cant. So they need you. In warrior special offer you can list your service for $20 listing fee [once you earn that $20 from writing on Associated Content] and offer other forum members to write for them for a price of $3 to $4 for an article. Show them 1 or 2 demo articles. If quality of your articles are good you'll get plenty of orders.

WHY I AM TELLING YOU TO ASK ONLY $3 TO $4 FOR AN ARTICLE? Why you should give away an article for that ridiculously cheap price? Well, good question. Listen. Because you are going to earn two times for the same article. Yes, right! Look, submit the article to Associated Content before delivering it to your customer so you will earn $3 to $10 from Associated Content and $3 to $4 from the customer for the same article. HOWS THAT?

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Now if you want to outsource article writing- , are great.