Monday, May 19, 2008

FREE COURSE: Blueprint for earning mega cash from Adsense and Affiliate

FREE COURSE: Blueprint for earning mega cash from Adsense and Affiliate

Hello everyone,

This is a free course for everyone, both newbies and pros. As majority of us have known, Adsense is making people rich online, but only those who knows the way. You can actually make as much as $1000 monthly from adsense alone, and even much more from affiliate marketing...

It has been said that traffic brings in the money from adsense and affiliate; I agree but not totally because there are other major factors that have to be considered before you can really make the kind of money you want to see yourself make online.

Majority of people want to earn hundreds of dollars with just a couple of websites and a handful of parasite hosted domain, It's only going to be possible if you have half the population of the internet world visiting your sites or blogs daily.

Now, how do you hope to achieve that; Its practically impossible. There are things that has to be done to get whatever you want out of your site or blog. As the title of this course reads, its mainly for affiliate and adsense; Its also for every other thing you might want to do online.

I will love to see more and more Nigerians succeed online, thats why i came up with this Free course... Very soon it will be june, meaning half of the year is already gone. Never mind if you will put everything that will be taught here into practice, you will see yourself excelling well online.

***************** START OF COURSE (BLOGS AND ADSENSE) ***********************

Everything you might be doing online has its basis on traffic cos if there's no traffic to whatever you are doing online, it will be meaningless.

Blog, blog , blog... Whats a blog? A blog is simply an online journal that allow you to share your thoughts and day to day activities with those who care to listen online. Sometimes advice, opinion and bnews could be shared using Blogs.

It is dead easy to set up, it can be updated regularly without stress, it has a longer shell life than website, it gets indexed faster than a website and all the search engines are greatly in love with blogs (Not all blog anyway).

Example of a blogs are the list are endless.

The host of these blogs are called parasite hosts, examples includes blogger, wordpress, hubpages, Typepad, msnspaces, tripod, 43things, host-page, vidiac, myblog... The list are endless, and majority are free

Adsense... Google specifically is a very large advert home online, their clients are so much that they cant serve them all at the same time, They therefore need your help to reach everyone. You are required to sign up to have an account and the sweetest part is that they accept Nigerians, so you have no excuse.., You are paid everytime someone clicks on any of the ads showing on your site.


This is what will determine the amount you will be making in the next 48 hours, Dont just pick a niche because a guru says it will make you money. NO!!!. Dont do it because this same guru has told probably another 10000 of his subscribers, for this competition will not make you see anything especially if you are not well equiped.

Note: Anything that is health related, home and family related, Technology related has a very high payout, even as much as $67.41...

You need to research for it quite alright, but no heavy work is neccesary as you will be making use of softwares. will do the trick. For more search on google...

After these research and you came up with lets say loose weight

Open an email corresponding to the niche you've selected ( e.g After this is done

log on to the homepage of any of the free blog hosts, Preferably bloggers cos it has a very high page rank; so anything hosted there will surely be picked faster than any other host. Follow the sign up instructions and you are live online.

Your blog url must contain your keywords, in this case my url will be or or

Choose a very simplified template at first because you will need to use a profesional template. to do these you must revert to classic template.

To revert to the classic template,simply click on layout/Template,go and click on edit HTML,scroll down the page that opens until you see a link that says "revert to classic template".Click on it and say yes on the small box that comes up.

Now you are ready to change your template, this is only to properly optimize your adsense for clicks. log on to

to search for good pro templates

All the best blogs that i've seen dont use the default template provided by google, instead they upgrade. e.t.c

Now,got to settings which should consist of 8 tabs.

On the tab for "publishing" make sure weblogs is turned on

On the tab for "comments" make sure you turn it to
anyone can comment.

Click "save settings' after changes in each place

Before you can start posting adsense, you will need to place an article which is in accordance with your keywords. has a whole varieties for you, Pick one re-write or re-arrange, then post, thats all. Now you are ready to start serving Ads

Now to sign for Google adsense,simply click on template if you have reverted to classic template. that says "adsense" at the top.Click on it andfill in the required info.

Choosing the size of the Ads really depends on the positioning, choose blend template so that the ads will match the background of your blog at the top(You will need to check your email and
complete the google registration there.)

Note that it takes 24-48 hours for google to activate your adsense because they will have to check your blog before putting ads on it.


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