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FREE COURSE: Blueprint for earning mega cash from Adsense and Affiliate

Welcome back to the second segment of this FREE course... I hope you are getting along just fine?


After you have confirmed your application to adsense, you can start posting adsense immediately.

Log into your adsense account, click on Adsense set up,

Adsense for content, click on proceed

Choose adsense for content

Now, choosing the shape of the adsense depends solely on the position you want to put it. If you are putting the ads on the sidebar then, you will need to use wide skyscraper, but if anywhere else, use large rectangle.

If the idea of customizing is giving you a headache, just leave it at the default template.

I bet you've read so many testimonies about how people have continue to make a stash juice of income from google, yes its very possible but one question you need to ask your self is this; Can i achieve what they can achieve with the resources i have at my disposal?

You can, but definitely not with just a blog or website.

This is what you'll do,

Now our keyword is loose weight fast. I will create another ten different blog or websites for these with our keyword in mind ( just a little expansion). For example If you have done your keyword research you would discover arrays of keywords in relation to your main keyword (loose weight fast), create a new account for each of these (10).

Promotion And Traffic Generation Techniques

Generally speaking, this is where the newcomers to this wonderful world of adsense money picking go wrong. Getting this place wrong means getting every other things wrong. Whats the use of your work if your site wont see the light of day on the search engine because of improper promotion technique.

1) Meta-Tag and Keywords; Many people get it wrong here, Your site or blog must be created to target your niches keywords. Without this , its going to be dificult to rank for your keywords. META TAGS

Meta Tags provide information about the document to search engines for inclusion of your website into their indexes. Although Google ignores the meta tags except perhaps for the description meta tag but the other search engines use them.

The two meta tags that search engines look for are the meta keywords tag and the meta description tag. We've already touched on the keywords, and the description tag is basically a key phrase description of your website. It should only be 10–20 words describing with keyword rich content but should read intelligible to the user. Each search engine is different in how it looks at each website, however, But if used smartly and in conjunction with other things on your web pages, specifically content, then chances are the search engines will be crawling all over your site. Content is still king. Not only what you say is important but how you say it.

By default Blogger gives only the title which is :-

Which is the title of your blog

This is the Page Title.

So here is the SEO meta tag code, customize it according to blog before your add it to your blog HTML.

<data:blog.title/> : Write some stuff about your blog here not too much since only 60 line is all robot read

<data:blog.title/> : Write some stuff about your blog here not too much since only 60 line is all robot read


To add to your Blogger blog HTML go to Template > Edit HTML as shown here

Paste the above code (after customizing)

Save the template and you are done !

These are some rules to avoid spamming the search engine, and avoiding a ban

2) Blog and Pinging; This is a rather simple concept, Blogs get indexed quickly and they make it easy to add contenys and posts as well as sidebar links. A.K.A you can manage contents easily. The idea is this, You post links to your money pages and you ping the blogs abundantly.

Within a matter of minutes, the search engine bots will visit your money site the very same day you built them. These new sites then go into the database of sites that have been crawled superficially. The search engine will come back to visit your money site indepth in a matter of 2 - 3 days.

Next thing you know you are already indexed. This is the bare minimum step, there are other ways of doing it more better... Example of ping sites are e.t.c

3) Blog comment; It has been in the habit of people not to interact with other blog owners, the more you interact the better it is for you. There are tens of millions of blogs online. Several are owned by clueless people, Majority of the have high pr, read a post and leave a very useful nad meaningful comment. Something like this will do nicely

"" Really nice site you have here. I've been reading for a while but this post made me want to say Thumbs up. Keep up the great work""

When you leave a comment like this, there is always a space for you to put your website Url. Thats called INSTANT BACKLINK

4) Article submission; As we already know, this is one of the most powerful technique. Sign up with the top 10 article directories, create 10 alternate bio-data, and post manually or automatically which ever one you prefer. In a matter of days your blogs will recieve the traffic they've never had before especially if the articles are super articles.

Getting your article done is very easy, For a start you need to give them(Visitors) what they need by getting the nice and unique articles. Hire a freelancer, or outsource from friends e.t.c OR use an article rewritter to help you rewrite an article into an entirely new one... Getting this right means lots of traffic. And traffic means more money on adsense...

5) forum posting; Register with the top 10 forums in your niches selection, get them by searching using OR Post a topic and include two or three links of your money site in the forum signature. They will visit your site if you know your onions.

6) Guest book comment; Same as Forum posting

7) Digging and bookmarking;

Craete a lens on about your niche.

Going the extra step: Purchasing PR5 and PR4 Links from ebay, digital point forums e.t.c

I've tried to explain this course as simple as i can but, if you have any question regarding any part of this course then let me know. post it here so that i and some other valuable members of this forum can help you out.

There it is for ADSENSE!!! you now have everything. Its now up to you to use this invaluable information for your good. Your testimonies will mean success for me.

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